Has anyone actually been subject to contactless fraud?

Forums General Wallet Discussion Has anyone actually been subject to contactless fraud?

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    Wallet brands casually boast about RFID Protection all the time (sometimes costs extra).

    But I’m skeptical regarding how big of an issue the problem really is.

    For example, in America, contactless payments are really rare. Same as Japan.

    In countries where it’s most popular (UK & Germany), I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s actually be conned by it?

    So is RFID just a gimmick or does it entirely depend on your country – even your individual city/town?

    Anyone got any stories of this happening to them?

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    I’m from the UK and we use contactless a lot. In fact only last year the amount that can be paid per contactless transaction was increased from £30.00 to £45.00. That being said, I could find little evidence on whether or not the type of crime you’re describing – contactless skimming – is anywhere near high enough to warrant RFID.

    But the data just isn’t available. I tried searching for articles on the subject and found very little data on the issue. I’d imagine as you said, it could completely depend on your local area.

    The good news is, RFID is quickly becoming standard for most wallets. While a few years ago it was rare and usually cost extra (usually only a few extra dollars honestly) most include it as standard now.

    If I found a wallet I obviously loved and it didn’t have RFID it really wouldn’t influence my decision to purchase the wallet. It’s just a non-issue in my opinion.


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