What happened to Rolfs wallets company?

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    I remember the brand of Rolf’s Wallets from my childhood. I recently came across a warn out wallet from Rolfs that I think belonged to my grandfathers. Terrible condition, but I tried to find more regarding the brand and couldn’t find much information on the company. I’m going to assume they went out of business. Any information on what happened to Rolfs wallets would be great.
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    We actually have an article that goes into detail regarding the Rolfs/Amity Wallet company. In a nutshell, yes, they’re no longer around. In the late 90s (I think), the company was getting undercut by Chinese wholesalers stealing their designs and producing the same quality wallets at cheaper prices. This was basically the beginning of the end, they went into administration, got bought out a couple of times, but ultimately ended up failing and disappearing from the store’s shelves.

    It’s funny, 20 years later and people still remember the brand and ask about purchasing a wallet from them. It’s clear they had a lasting impact on people of a certain generation and that’s to be expected from a company that dominated the market for over 50 years during the early to mid 20th century.

    Perhaps whoever owns the rights to the Rolfs/Amity trademark will eventually see its value and set up a new company selling wallets under the Rolfs name. Nevertheless, getting your hands on a Rolfs Wallet is now impossible unless you want to find a second-hand one. They still frequently appear on eBay from time to time. I hope this helps!

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